Turkish Thoracic Journal
Case report

A Case of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Retrobulbar Metastasis


Dr. Suat Seren Göğüs Hastalıkları ve Göğüs Cerrahisi Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Göğüs Hastalıkları, İzmir, Türkiye

Turk Thorac J 2009; 10: 42-43
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Unilateral or bilateral metastasis to the extraocular muscles is an atypical and rarely known finding in nonsmall-cell lung cancer. A 55-year-old male patient was hospitalized due to complaints of left upper arm and left sided back pain. He underwent a percutaneous CT-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy, and squamous carcinoma of the lung was diagnosed. Because of the nodal metastasis in the opposite lung, the patient was accepted as stage IV and received chemotherapy. Seven months after the diagnosis, the patient was admitted for pain, swelling in the right eye and ptosis of the right upper eyelid. Cranio-orbital computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed the presence of the bilateral retrobulber masses which were clinically evaluated as metastatic lung cancer of the extraocular muscles. Due to lack of evidence of optic nerve involvement, he was not treated with radiotherapy and he died 2 months after the retrobulber metastasis was diagnosed.

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