Turkish Thoracic Journal
Letter to the Editor

Feasibility of Domiciliary Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Elderly Patients with Chronic Respiratory Failure: Is It without Limits?


Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, India


International School of Non-invasive Ventilation, Hospital General Universitario Morales Meseguer, Murcia, Spain

Turk Thorac J 2020; 21: 361-361
DOI: 10.5152/TurkThoracJ.2019.19069
Read: 547 Downloads: 265 Published: 30 September 2020

Cite this article as: Md Reazaul Karim H, Esquinas AM. Feasibility of domiciliary non-invasive mechanical ventilation in elderly patients with chronic respiratory failure: Is it without limits? Turk Thorac J 2020; 21(5): 361.

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