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Validity and Reliability of Turkish Version of Reaction Type Scale Against COPD


Department of Nursing, Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Health Sciences, Tokat, Turkey


Department of Chest Diseases, Ministry Of Health, Sureyyapasa Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey


Department of Nursing, Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Nursing, Çankırı Karatekin University Faculty of Health Sciences, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Chest Diseases, Gazi University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey

Turk Thorac J 2021; 22: 386-392
DOI: 10.5152/TurkThoracJ.2021.0308
Read: 89 Downloads: 41 Published: 30 September 2021

OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study is to develop a scale that could assess illness perception and reaction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was conducted in patients who were admitted in the pulmonary disease departments of a public and a private hospital. The study included 271 COPD patients. The COPD Perception and Reaction Scale, consisting of 54 items, was prepared as a Likert-type 5-point rating scale. In the validity phase of the study, expert judgments were obtained for content validity, and explanatory and confirmatory factor analyses (EFA and CFA) were then performed. The reliability of the scale in terms of internal consistency was tested with the Cronbach's alpha coefficient.

RESULTS: According to the results of the EFA, the COPD Perception and Reaction Scale consists of 3 subdimensions and 23 items. Factors are termed behavioral reaction, emotional reaction, and spiritual reaction. According to the CFA, the goodness-of-fit indices obtained (χ2/df = (676.47/227) 2.98 and RMSEA = 0.056, NFI = 0.80, CFI = 0.96, NFI = 0.91, and AGFI = 0.85) suggest that the recommended model for the scale is acceptable. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0.74; Cronbach's alpha values for the subdimensions were calculated as 0.87 for “emotional reaction,” 0.76 for “behavioral reaction,” and 0.79 for “spiritual reaction.”

CONCLUSION: The 23-item form of the COPD Illness Perception and Reaction Scale was demonstrated to be a valid and reliable scale for determining the perception and the reaction toward illness in COPD patients in Turkey.

Cite this article as: Gürhan N, Aydoğan Eroğlu S, Polat Ü, et al. Validity and reliability of turkish version of reaction type scale against COPD. Turk Thorac J. 2021; 22(5): 386-392.

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